Let’s Focus On What’s Important

Our vision is to make sure that businesses can operate at full capacity. In order to do this, you need to have the staff to serve your customers. With the cost of housing rising and changes to the tenancy act, this is getting harder and harder. We want to elevate this pressure by partnering with you. Together, we can offer landlords an option that they can’t turn down, a well managed rental backed by an established business.

Healthy Staff, Happy Business

Unaffordable housing has driven businesses in Whistler to adopt a new strategy, staff housing.

This sounds like a simple fix but is it really? Most business just appoint a manager to manage their staff housing but is this really what you are paying them for? Most likely not. Why risk loosing a manager by overworking them when you can hire an expert team to manage you staff housing.

How We Help

We manage your staff housing so you can focus on growing your business. Our experience managing shared housing makes sure your staff housing is setup properly from the start. We provide your staff with 24-hour support to ensure they feel at home while they are working for you. Our services are designed to make sure your staff can rest easy in a clean and healthy living environment. We prevent potential altercations between staff and management by adding a buffer between work life and home life. So why not let your managers focus on their job and leave the housing up to us.

Put Your Staff In Good Hands