Workforce Housing takes all the stress
out of staff housing for businesses.

by making it great for staff.


Our unique approach aims to benefit business owners, landlords and workers by providing proven systems and communication tools for everyone in the staff housing environment. Workforce Housing Solutions was created because we recognized that there is a huge disconnect between these three circles and we want to bring them together. We want to improve staff housing by connecting all three together circles together in perfect harmony. 


We find great properties that your staff will love.

By working directly with your business, we are able to assess your needs and find you the perfect home for your employees.


Optimize them for shared living.

Our focus in on shared spaces. We ensure that everything runs smoothly in your employee housing by setting it up for success.


Manage all the details.

Form maintenance & cleaning to leases and inspections we take care of all the da-to-day operations of your employee housing, allowing your managers to focus on your business.


 Do you have staff housing and want to make it better?

We can help.

We Take Care of All The Little Things


Our primary focus is to ensure everyone involved in staff housing exists in perfect harmony. Our services are tailored to the needs of each member of the housing triangle and are designed to benefit the entire system.



We offer matching services connecting businesses with landlord as well as monthly property inspections and much more.



We offer property services aimed at improving the lives of your employees as well as services to ensure that you get a great property.


Looking for a job in Whistler? Need a house to go with it? Through us you can apply directly to jobs with accommodation so you can rest easy.



Housing affordability has spiraled out of control. This has resulted in it becoming increasingly difficult to find employees with reliable housing. To remedy this, businesses have resorted to providing housing for their staff. This has put huge pressure on management as they now have to take on a new role, property managers.



There is no one working to find, rent and optimise properties for specifically for staff housing.

There is a need to separate work from home life in the management of your staff housing.

Once a staff house is found, maintaining and managing it becomes a full-time job.



To offer affordable living environments for the local workforce and servicing these properties to allow staff to live comfortably amongst their peers.


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