Our focus is making staff housing work for everyone.


We want to make things easy for everyone involved. To do this, we offer three primary services. These are described below. Scroll down further to see how each service work for each party involved.


Find Properties

Whether renting or buying let us help you find the best property to house your staff.


Maintain & Manage

We help provide needed service allowing your business to renew leases with property owners and offer a better living environment for your staff.


Ease Transitions

We make sure that your properties are respected and that new employees feel welcome.

Help manage the work life balance.


This allows you to focus on growing your business and developing your awesome team. Your attention should be on improving your teams work environment, not their living environment. Let us take care of that. We are methodical when it comes to maintaining healthy and clean living environments for your staff members. We offer everything from property services to document management. Our approach to happy lifestyles will have your staff thanking you for the service. Oh yeah, did we mention these services can be free? Contact us to find out more. 


Keep Your Staff Houses Happy

By separating your management team from the management of staff housing, we create livable in environments that your staff will want to come home to.


Full-Service Property Maintenance Team

Our team will keep your properties garbage free, clean and in great repair. No longer will you have to send your staff to fix a problem.


Easily Manage Rent & Leases

With digital leases and payroll deductions, you can easily manage your businesses staff housing. Whether you have one house or twelve, this will save you time and money.

Are Your Manager’s Tired of Being Property Managers?

Take it all away.


The phone calls, the rent collecting, the cleaning, the showing and advertising of rooms, the day to day strenuous activities of being a property renter disappear. The best part, its absolutly free.  Get in touch today for your new stress free approach to property investing. 


Eliminate Late Night Emergency Calls

Tenants call us if there are any problems with your property. We live locally making it easy for us to respond quickly, limiting any further damage.


Protect Your Property Investment

Monthly maintenance inspections will keep your insurer happy, plus with eyes on the property constantly, we can predict problem before they occur.


No More Searching For Tenants

No more will you inbox be invaded with hundreds of emails as soon as you put it up on the market. Our vetted businesses are a prefect fit, every time.


Tried of Chasing Up Rent?


Your lifestyle, your vision and your passion for an amazing winter season can be exactly what you have been imaging. We work hard to connect workers with beds and beds for buisnesses. All the while connecting you "the worker" with Whistlers Top Employers. Milestones, Gibbons Life, Tim Hortons, and many more, so you can pressure your hospitality career while enjoy all the pleasure Whistler Locals gain.  Our beds are affordable and our properties are kept in phenomenal conditions so you can focuse on work and play. 

Our social connection open up a world of adventure for your season away from life. Dont delay, get in touch today and let's start your dream! 


We Help You Find a Place Before You Arrive


Make Connections With Top Employers


Relax, Your Working Holiday Is All Set


Are Your Looking To Live & Work In Whistler