Rent With Confidence

Workforce Housing offers a unique leasing solution that puts the power back in to the hands of the landlord. We secure your property with a well established business and make sure it is run smoothly. We remain with the property though-out the term of the lease meaning that we can anticipate problems before they occur.

Property Care, Zero Cost.

We provide you with a new take of property management, at absolutely zero cost to you the landlord. 

We eliminate all hassle of managing your rental property. We keep you investment protected so you can enjoy the returns. No longer will you need to worry about your home being overfilled with tenants, chasing up rent and dealing with tenants moving out every 6-months.

How We Help

We offer property maintenance for the 21st century. Our system is designed to take all of the pain out of being a landlord. With over 10-years of combined experience, we have seen everything you can imagine. Our controls and systems ensure that your properties are well maintained while you sit back and collect rent.

We vet businesses and make sure that they have the means to rent your property. We put your property first when handling the staff that live there. We spot problems, before they get out of hand and keep you informed during every step of the way.

Put Your Property In Good Hands