You Deserve Affordable Housing

Are you struggling to find a stable place to live? We have all been there. With recent changes to the BC Tenancy Act, it is getting even harder to find a landlord willing to trust you. This is driving up rent and making it impossible to have any work life balance.


We Want To Make Change

Staff housing can be a great alternative while you try to find something more long-term. But sometimes staff housing is a real drag. No one takes responsibility for their mess, the garbage never gets taken out and you have no idea who to call when something gets broken. We want to change that.


How We Help

We take care of the dirty work, so you don’t have to. We ensure that the garbage gets removed on a weekly basis, that the house gets deep cleaned and that you have someone trustworthy to call when you get locked out. Best of all, we create a buffer between your work life and you home life. You don’t have to call your manager when something goes wrong, you call us.

Tell Your Boss, We Can Help